Some words on our booking terminology and policies:

A "day" here at Mad Oak consists of a 24-hour lockout period, during which musicians are welcome to leave their instruments, personal belongings, and so forth at the studio. The recording setups (microphones placements, hardware settings, etc) will remain untouched to allow for uninterrupted recording over the course of multiple days to maximize efficiency and effective time management.

The beginning and ending times, and thus, the lengths of the sessions themselves can vary widely, and so we encourage our clients to speak with their producer and/or engineer to coordinate those particulars.

A "half-day" at Mad Oak means a five hour block, including setup and breakdown time. The studio will be "zeroed" (meaning, all equipment and instruments put away, and all console and hardware settings reset) at the end of the session.

An "hour" here is fairly self-explanatory: sixty minutes of recording time! Like the half-day, the setup and breakdown time is included in those 60 minutes.

Assistants are available at an additional cost.

Freelance engineers are very, very welcome to book the studio, and should contact us for rates and other info. We do require that engineers working at Mad Oak for the first time have an assistant on their initial session; subsequent sessions can be booked with no assistant if desired.

Booking Policy

Full day and half-day sessions require a deposit of half the total session cost. Deposits are due at the time of the booking, and guarantee the client's spot on the studio calendar.

Mad Oak cannot guarantee dates without a deposit.

Hourly sessions must be paid in full at the time of booking.

At the end of the session, the client must pay the balance. Pending payment, files may be withheld at the discretion of our staff.

At all times during and after a session or sessions, the client is responsible for all data, hard drives, and backups. The engineering staff at Mad Oak perform regular backups of their clients' data, and perform a complimentary archival of the session files when the recording is complete, and we make great efforts to ensure these things will be available for as long as humanly possible, but we make no guarantees about the integrity, longevity, availability, or even the existence of the data at any point. Let's face it: shit happens. Clients must be responsible for their own data.

That goes double for freelance engineers. If you're running a session here, you NEED to back up your files before you leave. Our drives are cleaned out, swapped out, and assed-out regularly and you don't wanna be the guy or gal that lost your client's record.

Cancellation Policy

If a session is cancelled more than two weeks before the date of the session, the client is credited the amount of their deposit, which can be used towards a future booking. Refunds are not given. If the client cancels within two weeks of their session, the deposit is forfeited and Mad Oak reserves the right to keep it without rescheduling the session(s).

Rates (all prices include engineer):

  • Day rate: $550
      • with assistant: $700

  • Half-day rate: $350
      • with assistant: $450

  • Hourly rate: $85
      • with assistant: $100

  • Extended lockouts:
    • seven day lockout: $3500
    • fourteen day lockout: $6500
    • thirty day lockout: $13,000