In May of 2013, in what has become an all-too-familar story amongst recording facilities, Mad Oak Studio was forced out of our home of over a decade to make way for residential condominiums. We took what at the time was a massive blow to our business and decided to turn it into a unique opportunity: to purchase a piece of property and build a new studio to the highest possible professional standard.

Head engineer Benny Grotto spent the next two years freelancing at virtually every major recording studio in the Boston area, and that experience informed the exact design for our new facility: one which offered artists a comfortable and creative recording space and freelance recordists and producers a high-functioning professional environment to best serve their clients.



Iso A

Iso B

Iso C

Mad Oak's Studio A boasts some of the finest recording and monitoring acoustics in New England, featuring a control room by the famed Walters-Storyk Design Group and a live room with impeccable sight lines, variable acoustics, and ample isolation options to meet the widest possible range of recording needs.

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